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(in order by general interest)

Cheating Life

It all started when they made suicide legal… A novella, and the most speculative of my erotica. Now illustrated!

Start from the Beginning – Complete.

The Birdcage

A costume party Catwoman lures Robin into her “death trap”. A short story – kink and light bondage with a cosplay flavor!

Start from the BeginningComplete.

Ms. E in 4C

An older neighbor exploits a loophole to lure him into temptation sin-free.  An erotic short without horror – just a little vanilla kink and a lot of “not quite close enough to sex to get you in trouble.”

Start from the BeginningComplete.


She makes the first time easy for him. An erotic short from me with no horror or kink or numenism – just a little goofy romance and few frantic minutes in a supply closet.

Start from the Beginning – Complete.

Jack and Jacquie

A vampire porn vignette. Actually it’s an erotic excerpt from a novel I haven’t written yet, a short starring several major characters from the Heaven’s Son trilogy, which will someday find its way to Theomythy.

Start from the Beginning – Complete.


A small collection of vampire stories.  There’s no erotica to be found here, but this was a forerunner to Cheating Life (you may notice some similar imagery and themes), so it’s going here.  This is an old story, which I’ve mostly left as originally written.

Start from the Beginning – Complete.

The Many Deaths of Samish

A multi-chaptered long novella/short novel exploring various vore themes (you have been warned!) through revisions of some of my favorite characters and stories.
Chapter 1 – In which Sam goes down into the basement for a little weeding. (UPDATED 05/2009)
Start from the beginning – Complete.
Chapter 2: Kroesis – Sam goes for a hike and has a run-in with the fauna. (UPDATED 07/2009)
Start from the beginning – Complete.
Chapter 3: Allie – Sam’s house-guest makes herself at home.
Start from the beginning – Complete.
Chapter 4: Ktula – wherein Sam learns the secret truth of what is going on (and promptly forgets it all).
Start from the beginning – Complete.
Chapter 5: Savannah – Sam goes to a costume party dressed as a scratching post.
Start from the beginning – Complete.

The Quiet Meal – NEW!

A vore short: an experiment written from the predator’s perspective. Mostly vore – a touch of erotica.

Start from the Beginning – Begins 8/18.

The Corner of H & L

A short story of erotic horror where both he and she get what they want.

Start from the Beginning – Complete.

“Poetry” (I use the term as loosely as possible):

What She Wants